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HiroyukiShota, More commonly refered as "H.S" or "Ema" is a Fakku! user that can be commonly found at the Specific Anime Series and User Uploads sections. He's one of the oldest members of fakku despite his low post counts.

HiroyukiShota's probably most notably known for his unquestioned devotion to Belldandy (Ah my goddess!) and Konoe Konoka (Mahou Sensei Negima!) which thus resulted in him having a silent grudge against Fakku user, Limegreen over the former character at the lastest Waifu game.

He's also a self proclaimed "Type-A" otaku. Making many critics based on animation quality, Storyboarding etc.

Recently the user has contributed much to the Visual novel section by uploading quite a number of visual novels, new and old.